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    Q: Can I purchase items without registering?

    A: Yes. You can log in as a guest and simply input all your billing and delivery information. However, we encourage you to register to save time on your next purchase, as well to receive special offers and notifications.

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    Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Yes, we do ship internationally to 52 countries.

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    Q: How do I locate a style not featured on the website?

    A: You may contact customer care at:

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    Q: The item I want is sold out. Will you restock? If so, can you notify me when you replenish the inventory?

    A: We periodically re-stock select items on the site. To hear about new inventories, please sign up for our mailing list to receive e-mail notifications of new styles.

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    Q: Can I add something to my order?

    A: If you wish to add merchandise to your order after the order is placed, you must place a new order for the additional merchandise. Unfortunately we cannot combine orders after an order has been placed.

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    Q: Can I use two credit cards to pay for one item?

    A: For technical reasons, we only accept one credit card per purchase.

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    Q: Can I just exchange the size instead of returning and re-ordering?

    A: You can simply return the item and purchase a new one without having to debit/credit your card and re-enter your information

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    Q: I accidentally cut off the security tag from my t-shirt, but I want to return it. Can I still send it back?

    A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept any items in which the security tag has been removed or altered in any way.

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    Q: When I washed my t-shirt, there was pilling on the sides and I noticed a few small rips. Can I return it for a new one?

    A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept any items that show evidence of wear. Care instructions are displayed on our tags for all LOPI tshirts. Due to the fine and delicate yarns used on our tees, it is important that you follow the care instructions provided by LOPI STUDIO, Inc. in order to prolong the life of the garment.