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about merino wool

Fashion is not just about how you look but how you feel, and Merino Wool has numerous natural attributes that make it one of the most comfortable of fabrics to wear. Its superfine fibers feel like silk next to the skin. It also has the ability to respond to changes in temperature, keeping one warm when it is cold or absorbing moisture and releasing it as you exert yourself. Winter or summer, Merino Wool has you feeling great.


In extreme exertion, you need a garment that ‘breathes’, which means it must be able to absorb perspiration and release it into the air. No fabric does that quite like Merino. The hydrophilic core of the Merino Wool fiber has an amazing capacity to absorb liquid – up to 35% of its own weight – so it’s better than synthetics at removing sweat from the skin, moving it away, and releasing it as vapor.


While synthetics are passive, Merino Wool is active, reacting to changes in ones body temperature to keep you warm when you’re cold but releasing heat and moisture when you’re hot.


The natural elasticity of the Merino Wool fiber means they stretch with the wearer, but then return to their natural shape so there is less chance of garments sagging or losing their shape.


Prickly wool clothing is a thing of the past. Merino Wool is much finer than other types of wool and feels luxuriously gentle against your skin.


Merino Wool is more effective than synthetics at absorbing sweat next to the skin, and moving it away to evaporate, helping to keep you cool and dry during exertion.