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LOPI STUDIO is an online fashion retailer with a private label collection. Now located in the heart of Kirkenær, Norway.


LOPI STUDIO was established 10.02.2010 and become a popular label among urban and energetic youth. The image of the label appeals to those who question the status quo in both fashion and culture. Instead of following the latest crazes in the fashion trade, the gut feeling is always used as a compass while designing. LOPI plays with shapes, colors and prints in order to create a completely new look. With focus on experimentation, research and continuous innovation, the label will continue to feature new and exciting products.


I'm Berga Thorgrimsdottir the girl behind LOPI STUDIO. My icelandic heritage inspired me to become a fashion designer, creating clothing in fusion between tradition and modernity. I started my journey on the 13. of december 1987 in a small fishing village on the east coast of iceland. A few years into my life my family and I moved to Norway. I got there in time to start school, and eventually finished school with a major in arts and crafts. 18 years old and eager to travel, I decided to broaden my horizon by moving across the globe. In 2008 i enrolled at the university of newcastle, australia, where I studied visual communication. The idea about LOPI STUDIO slowly rose up from the ashes under the blistering australian sun. I wanted to create a label inspired by my nordic heritage. My first creation was a white t-shirts with a scandinavian inspired pattern around the neckline. This became LOPI'S trademark and a “green card” to fashion.