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Fashion: Japan- A Brand that Rejects Traditional Concept of Cutness


 Typical item released each seson feauturing the sailor collar.



Neverland, the small fashion house, which takes school uniform styling as central to its design ethos, was established in 2010. The brand is designed by Eily and Jammy, under the unit name of Eily K Jammy.

The basic idea of the brand is rejected the expectation society imposes upon young girls that they should be cute and girlish. The classic school uniform reinforces this, epitomising such social pressures. For this reason the designers chose it as their motif to reconcile endeavour to tear apart this preconception. They want the wearer of Neverland brand to enjoy a new kind of cutness and beauty that is free and universal, while being attractive to everyone, beyond the borders of age, gender, and nationality.

XXX Bergá Thorgrimsdottir

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